Kiln Drying

What is it and why do we need it?

The kiln drying process increases stability, eliminates shrinking and minimizes the likelihood of warping and twisting. This process also kills insects and bacteria.  When taking on an indoor project, such as flooring, cabinetry and furniture building, kiln drying is ideal.  Even when constructing a project designed to be exposed to the elements wet wood still has far fewer uses than kiln dried wood.

Fact: Each wood species has a different drying time and kiln schedule.

The temperature and humidity within the kiln are carefully monitored and adjusted throughout the drying process in order to ensure the wood achieves the ideal moisture content.

Some of the benefits you will get when you kiln dry your lumber are:

Faster dry times; weeks compared to months or years.
Set pitch in pines. Setting Pitch is the industry term for hardening pitch so it does not leave your hands sticky after contact.
• Pests and insects are eliminated
Reduced shrinking, cracking, checking and warping
Reduced moisture content, down to 2%.  Kiln Dry is usually 8-12% moisture content, air dry only gets you close to 14% moisture content.
• Minimized water re-absorption.
• Increased ease of planeing and sanding, resulting in a smoother finish.
Decreased shipping weight.

We now offer planeing services on boards up to 15 inches wide.

We can accommodate projects of all sizes; large or small. If you need to know more about kiln drying or have questions please contact us.