Do you have a unique idea for a wood working project?  Need a specialized and innovative plan of action for your project? Are you looking for a customized wood product that will exactly fit your vision?

Our business is small enough to provide you with undivided attention and large enough to provide for all your wood working needs. We pride ourselves on consistent quality, service that is square and on the level, and straight forward answers that you can depend on.

Are you looking for someone local to kiln dry your lumber? Visit our Kiln Drying page.   

Want to have someone cut a piece for your table top, counter or furniture idea? Visit our Chainsaw Milling page.

Need someone to tackle your next timber frame or post and beam building project? Visit our Sawmilling page.

Are you looking for one-of-a-kind rustic furniture and decorations for your home or camp? Visit our rustic Furniture page.

Our strong, dependable and innovative wood products can not be found anywhere else.  Check back often and visit our Facebook page for your new ideas and designs! 

Jones Wood Products is your full service wood working solution. Contact us today to get started.

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